Capa do jogo Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel
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    Namco Bandai Games America


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03:13 Beginning Of My Suffering Part Intro 05:13 We Enter Into Battle! But Then Lose... Part One 07:20 A Men Who is Desperate Commitment Part Two 07:03 Our First Boss Fight Part Three 08:35 Eavesdropping, Jealousy, & Fleas Part Four 02:05 Shippo! Smash The Bug With Your Top! Boss Battle 06:59 I\'m Sort Of Lost... Part Six 02:57 Fairy-Princess Is Kicking My Ass Part Seven 04:02 Lost, Random Battles, & Surprise Visitor Part Eight 08:11 Mt. Habaki, One Of The Worst Levels In The Game! Part Nine 08:21 God Of Habaki Part Ten 04:33 Filler AKA: I\'m Lost... Part Eleven 08:48 We Fight Naraku, The Great Baboon Master! Part Twelve 11:41 Mountain Pass Part Thirteen 04:48 K-Kikyo Is In Yamasachi Village! Part Fourteen 02:47 Inuyasha, You Two-Timer Part Fifteen 07:31 I Got My Ass Kicked Badly Part Sixteen 03:01 Heading To Sara\'s Cave Part Seventeen 02:14 Sara Is Pretty Cool? Part Eighteen 08:00 How Much I Hate You Sara! Fail Video 04:40 Ha! Kicked Your Ass Sara! Part Nineteen 12:50 Heading To Sakata Village Part Twenty 05:04 Sakata The Happiest Place On Earth! Part Twenty-One 05:49 Inuyasha Secret Of the Divine Jewel: Ugh! Stop With The Pointless Battles! Twenty-Two 03:49 Two Janis, Creepy Yet Cool Part Twenty-Three 14:49 A Level So Vile It Made Me Scream Part Twenty-Four 02:27 Ugh! This Evil Level! Part Twenty-Five 01:18 We Fight The Easiest Boss! Part Twenty-Six 05:46 We Finally Meet Hachi! Part Twenty-Seven 07:45 A Old Woman Who Is Fantasying About Datara Part Twenty-Eight 02:29 Inuyasha Secret Of the Divine Jewel: No! He Didn\'t Just Say Mt. Mansetsu! Part Twenty-Nine 11:17 I\'M FINALLY DONE! Part Thirty 02:38 Inuyasha Secret of The Divine Jewel: Datara Shrine Part Thirty-One 08:03 Inuyasha Secret of The Divine Jewel: A Really Annoying Shrine, Mitsurugi Shrine Part Thirty-Two 02:42 Inuyasha Secret of The Divine Jewel: Mitsurugi Shrine Continues Part Thirty-Three 03:51 Inuyasha Secret Of Divine Jewel: Finally Beat That Bastard\'s Ass, Mitsurugi Thirty-Four 03:28 Inuyasha Secret Of Divine Jewel: Heading To Sugagaki Shrine Thirty-Five 03:37 Easiest Temple In The Game! Part Thirty-Six 02:59 I Love You Sugagaki! Part Thrity-Seven 03:37 Monk Sen, Why? Part Thirty-Eight 03:52 Inuyasha Secret Of the Divine Jewel: The Heian Era Part Thirty-Nine 04:17 Lost In Shinonomo Part Fourty 03:54 Damn Demons Part Fourty-One 05:06 Wow, Tsugumi Is Strong! Part Fourty-Two 07:34 Tsugumi Saved My Ass! Part Fourty-Three 02:50 Inuyasha Secret of The Divine Jewel: Ugh, Stuck With Shippo Fourty-Eight 04:43 We Meet Our Favorite Wolf-Demon Part Fourty-Nine 05:50 Why Was This So Hard Part Fifty 03:58 No Name Title Part Fourty-Four 04:20 When World Goes Red, You\'re In Battle Part Fourty-Five 00:45 Shortest Video On My Account Part Fourty-Six 03:09 Crying Baby Only Thing That Talks Part Fourty-Seven 01:32 What\'s Wrong With Janis?! Part Fifty-One 07:16 We Wish You A Merry Christmas Part Fifty-Two 03:38 We Meet The Almighty Sesshomaru! Special 04:50 Happy New Years Everyone! Part Fifty-Three 03:32 Oh...My...Gosh...This Level... Part Fifty-Four 01:29 It\'s My B-Day-I Mean Getting Monk Sen Blood Part Fifty-Five